Different Shapes
SOLID or DOSABLE. Over 200 gum base formulations marketed throughout the world are available in 4 different shapes, depending on customer needs, and processing technology of the gum base.
Gum Base is a non-nutritive masticatory substance (US FDA, “Code of Federal Regulation”).
It is an inert and insoluble non-nutritive product used as a support for the edible and soluble portion of the chewing gum (sugar, glucose, polyols and flavours).
The general description "Gum Base", used on chewing gum products throughout the world, is recognised by The Food Chemicals Codex and most national legislation.

Gum Base is produced through a blend of raw materials which can be categorized in five classes:
• Elastomers act as the key ingredient and provide elasticity
• Resins act as binders and softeners
• Plasticizers render the elastomer soft to ensure thorough blending of the gum base
• Fillers contribute to the overall texture
• Antioxidants prevent oxidation of the gum base and flavors during shelf life

Chewing Gum Applications

The ingredients of a chewing gum or a bubble gum can be divided into soluble and insoluble parts. The insoluble components are the gum base and a portion of the flavoring material; all other ingredients - like some of the flavors, sugar, glucose syrup, or polyols and intensive sweeteners in sugar-free products - are water soluble.

Gum Base delivers... a variety of gum bases that match the solution to customer requirements with regard to quality and price. A wide selection of gum bases is available. They can be combined with acid or non acid flavoring, sugar or sugar substitutes as well as vitamins or active ingredient in functional and pharmaceutical products. Products can be made in various formats depending on the available process technology.